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We supply and install Misia Wire-Rope Hoists and Liftket Chain Hoists, constructed with the highest quality components. All gearboxes are of planetary gear type and lubricated for life. Motors can be supplied either with cylindrical type with disc brake or tapered rotor conical motors, depending on application or customer preference. The guide are manufactured using high quality materials and bearings. Ropes, wires and chains are high endurance, galvanized.


Our goods lifts are designed and manufactured bespoke in-house and are offered in various trims and models. Depending on feasibility, customers can opt for a variety of conventional options or other extras. The goods lifts we have installed can be found in various locations around the island of Mauritius.


Our wide range of products include the supply and install of overhead bridge cranes with ranging capacities. This type of crane is notably used in warehouses, workstations, yards or workshops. They are usually paired with numerous components to complement its use namely; electric hoists, hooks, magnets and other lifting equipment. We offer the overhead cranes under varying brands notably; Misia, Kinocranes, Donati or Liftket.


with expert workmanship


Sourcing & supplying the equipment and machinery required for your project, business or home needs.


Our skilled trained engineers and technicians ensure proper installation and testing.


We provide ongoing service, maintenance and repairs as required.


With a simple design and less bulky than a commercial passenger lift, homelifts are ideal for people with disabililties and the elderly who have difficulty moving between the different levels in their home. Amongst our brands for homelifts, MoviLift and Vini are the two most popular ones within an affordable price range.


Inclined lifts or staircase lifts are another alternative for homelifts. The choice between a homelift and a staircase lift depends on a case by case basis and feasibility. Sometimes a staircase lift can be a better and cheaper option compared to installing a homelift in a particular house or workplace. Similarly, the opposite is also true whereby a homelift can be the cheaper and more practical solution for a said application. A site visit will determine the next course of action in those instances.


This device allows the user, using an in-built dual pressure control panel, to descend into the pool by himself/herself in a standing or seated position to enjoy a bath. It functions with the help of a hydraulic drive connected to the home network (pressure 3 bars). Easy and quick to install and simple to use, this lift is patented and CE certified. Ele-Spec Ltd recently installed in Mauritius its first example at a Villa in Grand Gaube for one very happy customer.


The supply and install of solar water heaters is also one of the many services we provide at Ele-Spec Ltd. Prior to installation, a site visit is conducted to determine the refurbishments to be made to allocate room for the solar water heater.


Security being a firsthand necessity for any organization, security barriers, card access control and Bollards are in high demand. At Ele-Spec Ltd, we cater for those needs and we offer access control products upon customer requests and feasibility.


Ranging from small mechanical safe deposit lockers to high grade, category 3 burglar proof and fire proof vault doors, Ele-Spec Ltd offers supply and installation services for the same. Amongst our partnered brands, we have; Mutual Safes, Badger Distributions, ITAS, Gunnebo and Godrej.